International Journal of Technology Innovation and Data Sciences (IJTIDS)


IJTIDS is endowed with opportunity for both academic and industrial communities to address new trends, challenges and emerging technologies on topics relevant to today’s technology innovations and data sciences. It also serves as a dais of research collaboration among the experts. The journal will publish its issues as at when due and ensure a reliable distribution network within and outside Malaysia. The vision of the journal is to be a globally acclaimed medium of dissemination of excellent and reliable information, technology and innovative research findings. Each edition will be published annually and special issues may be published as needs may arise. The journal has a wide scope to cover every area in the field of Computer Science, Information Technology, Software Engineering, and Data Sciences. The journal is managed by the Faculty of Computer Science and Multimedia, Lincoln University College, Malaysia under the watch of the Editor-in-chief and a group of Editors each representing the aforementioned fields.